Nowadays the plastic pallets become better-known standing in comparison with the wooden ones.

 It is obvious that plastic pallets have more advantages than the wooden ones.

 Transport charges can be reduced using plastic pallets, and it makes transportation more safely.

Our pallets are made of high quality virgin plastic materials, as well as from recycled plastic this fact helps obtaining a low price and an ecological product.

Advantages of plastic pallets:

  • the weight is less than 25-30 % compared to same size of the wooden ones. For the same cargo capacity, less energy is required for transporting.

 Thereby transport charges can be reduced (In transporting by airplane, each kilogram contributes to a more expensive cost).

  •  No protection against moisture, mould growth, microorganism, or termite is required. Resists weather and can be stored outdoors.
  • Easy to clean, resists high-pressure water and steam. (Appropriate for pharmaceutical and food industry).
  • The plastic pallet is a more hygienic solution in comparison to the wooden pallets. It does not absorb moisture, fat, bad smells, therefore numerous products can be transported safely.
  • They are produced using an injection molding technology due to a regular quality control their weight is constant.
  • Plastic pallet does not have sharp edge, splints or nails.
  • Using plastic pallet makes handling safer, and when wrapping the product there is no risk of getting any scathe.
  • Our pallets meet export requirements. Plastic pallets do not require costly sterilize treatments in case of transporting oversea.

 We can assure you that plastic pallets last much longer than the wooden pallets (It may reach 10 years).

 Our primary aspect is to provide our customer prime products at reasonable prices. Due to regular quality control, we distribute only high-quality pallets.


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