Plastic boxes for storage and transportation of bottles (glass, plastic, etc.).

  The low pressure polyethylene used in these crates is ideal for holding glass bottles.

  Plastic containers for bottles are used for storing and transporting bottles of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic products: wine, beer, milk, chemical products, cool spices, etc.

 Plastic bottle crates have the following advantages:


  • Strength. The thick walls and ribs of the box will reliably protect the bottles from impacts during transportation.
  • Smart, comfortable design. The bottle slots hold them securely and prevent them from touching.

                                                           Convenient handles ensure comfortable carrying to the store or warehouse.

                                                          The boxes are perfectly stackable.

  • Hygiene. The boxes are made of high density polyethylene, which makes it possible to perfectly clean the boxes, including with the use of chemical cleaning agents.
  • Environmental friendliness. Reusable plastic bottle crates save on cardboard boxes. In addition, plastic boxes can be disposed of at the end of their service life, this powerful part of the money spent on it will return.
  • Durability. The service life of the boxes, with proper use, is more than 10 years.



You can buy plastic boxes for bottles at our warehouse in Chisinau.

Crates for bottles


400х300х367 mm, with dividers


400х300х290 mm, with dividers

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