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Big-box -Smartbox 1308 С

1200x1000x805 mm. Folding. Closed.

Smartbox: the foldable bins Smartbox

The intelligent, reliable and affordable answer to the logistics and space problems in the agro-food and industrial sectors: made without sharp edges in order to keep goods protected. Smartbox is a container with foldable walls,  can save from 54 % to 66% of space when you do not use it, reducing the volume by a factor 1:2 to 1:3 depending on the box height.

Why should you choose Smartbox?

Incredible strength: structure and skids ensure strength and stability.

The base with two or three skids provides the structure with further robustness and stability, thus allowing handling with either forklifts or pallet transporters.

Fully recyclable: the container, produced in high-density polyethylene is 100 % recyclable.

If broken each component can be easily replaced, without any special tools, with a full set of spare parts.

Fully safe stackability: thanks to the specifically designed feet and skids, which allow the container to be stacked both when open and with folded sides, guaranteeing maximum stability during movement and stacking

Folding plastic bins , Smartbox 1308 C

Product code: Smartbox 1308 C
External size: 1200x1000x800 mm 
Interinal size: 1120x920x660 mm


Closed walls. Weight: 44 kg.

Max. recom.load: 750 kgs

720 Liters

Material:  HDPE virgin
Static capacity: up to 7000 kg
Full truck : 240 pcs
Origin: Italia
Options: customisation with logo , lid, SKIDS.


*Food approved, suitable for any industry.



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